Hillary tent models like their famous cabin and dome camping shelters, have been the main living and sleeping area for campers across the country for years. Sears has sold many small, lightweight Hilary camping tents to large 2 room and 3 room family camp models. With strong parts like tent poles and stakes as well as durable and water resistant fabrics, these tents are perfect for any outdoors adventure.

hillary tentCurrently, Sears has a few Hillary tent models for sale. These include an 8’ x 7’ dome tent as well as the Summit 12’ x 11’ and 22’ x 19’ family cabin dome tents. All these camping tents offer a nice variety of choices for those looking for tents for camping for recreating in the great outdoors for weekend relaxation to summer camping trips in the backcountry. These new tent that are available for sale in the stores and online are great for those that need a new outdoor shelter or replacing an old or damaged one.

Many people know the Hillary tent company from the vintage and classic model camping tents that made them famous. These were based on and inspired by Sir Edmund Hillary who was the first person to summit Mt. Everest. Sears partnered with Edmund to create a camping tent line of products that would have the same core values and ideals of the expedition gear it’s based on. This is the reason why many outdoors enthusiasts still search for old Hillary tents online like the Big Horn and other models with multiple rooms for basecamp use.

Hillary Tent - Dome & Cabin Camping

However, many used tents online are missing things or need replacement parts like tent poles, stakes, guy lines, footprints and instruction manuals or setup assembly directions. Contacting the original manufacturer listed on the actual tent will be the best way to obtain these items. From previous users, Hillary camping tents are known to be made by oem tent makers like Wenzel and Sunk Yung. Although, Sears has partnerships with other manufacturers as well, so the actual producer will vary.

Hillary dome tents are more of the current models, but are just as well-liked. They are designed differently from the cabin tents that were popular before. The Hillary cabin tents have more headroom with some having a center height of over 6 feet. This makes it perfect for those that want to use it as a living space as well as a sleeping space. The newer dome tents are convenient in that they have separate rooms and dividers for privacy when the larger models are compared. This is great for camping with kids and even another family. The extra space can also be used for storage like for daypacks, shoes and hiking gear.

Hillary Tent For Sale

Extreme conditions and harsh environments doesn’t getting any greater than on Mount Everest and this is what Hillary tents represent with their namesake. For those that won’t be making it that far up on the mountain any time soon, but need still need a reliable tent, there are many options and brands on the market for sale. With up to date models and a legendary history, it’s no wonder that campers and hikers choose Hillary tent models as the outdoor shelter for their camping trips.