Northwest Territory tents are affordable and sturdy camping tent shelters for great outdoors family fun. From lightweight backpacking tents to huge family dome and cabin tents, you'll find a variety of options from Northwest Territory tents.

northwest territory tentsThese outdoor shelters are sold by Kmart & Sears and made / serviced by several companies, one of which is Northpole Tents (800-366-1599, For those that can't justify buying a high-end, expensive tent, then going for an economic brand like Northwest Territory tents is a good choice. For campers just starting out, they may not want to invest a lot of money at first.

However, if you're a seasoned camper, there are definitely some good tent choices for you as well. Whatever the case, knowing if you're going for a base camp style or lightweight shelter is key. A dome tent like the Sierra Dome backpacking tent is perfect if you just need to sleep 2-3 People.

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The setup is easy with just two poles. Some excellent features include shoe pockets, mud mat, gear loft and a carry bag. All this is exactly what you'll need for a simple camping trip with some friends. For the price, this Northwest Territory tent is a great value.

Now, many go camping with large groups like family and friends. For this, the Olympic Cottage is the best choice as it is really big. This model is a 10 person tent. The middle standup height is 84". This camping tent really has all the bells and whistles. For instance, it comes with a tent light and a handy velcro attachment patch. This will definitely help during those dark nights and save you the trouble and money from buying one. Some other features include a power pocket for cords, a hanging divider curtain, closets, shelfs, organizers, cup holders and even a nice welcome mat. Now, that's like a home away from home even though you're in a camping tent.

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Some other notable Northwest Territory tents that have been popular with outdoorsmen include the Chippewa Family Dome Tent and the Bristol Bay Vacation Home. These comfortable sized family cabin tents offer a high center and wall height and ease of setup. These 8 person tents make being with the family comfy and gives it a homely feeling with many amenities that will make it not feel like you're roughing it. Look forward to the color coded and shock corded poles. Multiple rooms and storage space for all your camping gear. And, you'll get a wheeled duffle carrying bag as well.

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So, if you're looking for a nice affordable family dome cabin tent for your next family trip, definitely shop around and check out your options. You don't always have to buy the most expensive camping gear to feel like you have quality products. Save some money and check out Northwest Territory tents and you'll be glad you did.