Finding the best one man tent isn't the easiest of tasks. There are so many choices when looking for good 1 man tents. Lightweight, backpacking tents made for 4 season use aren't as cheap as one may think. The lightest pop up one person tents for backpackers use less material than larger tents, but to keep the weight down, more high tech and expensive poles and fabrics are used.

one man tentYou could easily go by weight and find the lightest one man tent at the price you can afford.  Or you can go with the most trusted brands in your mind: Northface, Coleman, Alps, Mountain Hardwear, Kelty, etc...  Also, looking at effective size and price are definitely important factors.  Combining all of these is probably the best way to choose, putting weight on the most important details.

The best place to find one man tent sales is online.  Below are some great deals from all the popular retailers that will offer the lowest prices.  Finding a 1 man tent that fits your camping and backpacking needs doesn't have to be hard.

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These lightweight single person tents are made with the backpacker in mind. But, there are others that have a use for these. These include motorcycle riders that are doing long road trips, often into areas without hotels or motels. So, they take a small tent along and camp out along the road or at campsites along their route. This is the same with cyclists doing the same thing. Road trips cross country are often done cycling as well. These are the hardcore endurance sports athletes wanting to see the country and doing what they love. In both instances, packing light is the name of the game.

Most of these small tents for camping are easy to setup and take down. The footprint is small with it fully assembled and when broken down for storage and travel. These leaves not much room inside but for the person and the necessities like food, water, storing clothes and valuables.

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If you're a camper, backpacker or hiker, you know about tents and outdoor shelters.  For the super enthusiasts and hardcore backpackers, it's all about lightweight and reliable camping tents.  Whether you go with your family or friends, it's always a huge piece of mind to have a sturdy tent.  If you've been camping by yourself, which one man tent did you choose?